ASEANpreneurs Youth Leaders Exchange Program

We are pleased to know your esteemed university – Diponegoro University through the internet . We are students from the National University of Singapore Entrepreneurship Society (NES) and would like to propose a joint partnership in an event with you. NES is a student organization in our university that has enjoyed many years of success and recognition in promoting entrepreneurship amongst youth in Singapore. As part of NES’ vision, we also hope to reach out to the youth of ASEAN to foster entrepreneurship, growth and prosperity within the region.

In line with our goal to promote entrepreneurship in the region, the ASEANpreneurs Youth Leaders Network (AYLN) was officially launched in Singapore in May 2008 by Dr Soeung Rathchavy, Deputy Secretary General of the ASEAN Secretariat and Mr Teo Ser Luck, Senior Parliament Secretary for the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, Singapore. The network serves as a platform for interaction and sharing of entrepreneurial ideas, knowledge and experience amongst ASEAN youth.

The flagship project for this initiative has been the ASEANpreneurs Youth Leaders Exchange (AYLE) which is an event organized to bring together like-minded youth from all corners of the ASEAN region to participate in enriching discussions and workshops. The inaugural event was held in May 08 in Singapore and this year, it will be rotated to another country within ASEAN.

Therefore, we would like to extend a warm invitation to your Diponegoro University to host the next AYLE’09 in your country. This will be a great opportunity for student delegates as well as the hosts themselves to explore the entrepreneurship ecosystem of your country. Needless to say, it will also serve to establish or strengthen existing ties with regional partners in education, business or otherwise.

We sincerely hope you will consider taking up this offer and play a part in the success of the upcoming AYLE’09. Feel free to refer to our official website at and the online portal at for more information. You may also direct any enquiries to us at <!–
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If you are only interested in participating in the AYLE’09, you are still most welcome to send in your student nominations to be delegates in the AYLE’09.

Attached in this mail is the Proposal Guideline for Hosting of AYLE’09. Please also find the letter of endorsement of the ASEANpreneurs Youth Leaders Network by the ASEAN Secretariat.

Submissions close on 20th October 2008. Looking forward to your continued

support for ASEANpreneurs!


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