Action Controll

Creating goal congruence needs an action control. It can be effective as long as the manager understands what the action “must do” not only “should do”. Therefore action control is formed by four basics:

1. Behavioral Constraint

2. Pre action Reviews

3. Action Accountability

4. Redundancy

Bellowed is the example of Action Control Application at FFI.

Job Title : Accounting Claim.

Jobdesc : Controlling the budget program.

Behavioral Constraint:

1. Physical Constraint:

Ø Having password for accessing SAP. Himself and his finance supervisor only know the password.

Ø Having Discount Maintenance Summary for matching the claim and the program.

2. Administration Constraint:

Ø Making hierarchy sign authorization.

Ø Making deadline claim

Ø Reviewing the budget every month.

Pre action Reviews.

Make quarterly budget and Discount Maintenance Summary Program.

Action Accountability:

Every claim, which is issued by distributor, is checking first by sales supervisor. Then the accounting claim officer verifies it, then signed by finance supervisor and sales manager. After that, the accounting claim officer entry the document into SAP. After posting, he tells the distributor about the A/R for reducing his payment.

The document attachments are:

1. Invoice

2. Expenditure Voucher

3. Discount Maintenance Summary


1. Creating back up data at head quarter office.

2. Accounting claim Officer is helped by his supervisor.


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